This establishes a form of contract between the student and the teacher.

Decriem-Franksen the philosophical and psychological roots of the experimental trial and error Freinet Authors: Eric Debarbieux Jany Gibert Kiriaki Tsoukala and R. Decriem-Franksen more
In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching Principles> Communication> correspondence in November 1982 <^ How digest J Magazine interaction mother-child experience in maternal> Author: Francois Vetter Print

In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary October 1965 Read Full issue in PDF internship Impressions interschool match in the second degree SBT Birth and evolution of a school newspaper in the second degree Circuit GEOGRAPHY A teaching experience English a new book self-correcting: MATHEMATICS, class 5th individual experimentation using a screw guide internship Impressions> Print
School Blog perso Olivettes Verfeuil on 22/05/11 – 9:29 The Challenge song in Bagnols day Tuesday, April 19, 2011, our class participated in a singing challenge to the pyramid of Bagnols sur Ceze.

Throughout the year we had rehearsed the songs of the challenge. We took the bus, recovered a class of Goudargues and joined the other students in the auditorium. In the morning, the choir, Michelle, has warmed our voice, trained very long. By late morning we were very hungry.

We went to Mount Cotton outdoor theater picnic – fuck, then make fools on the stage. During the recording of the afternoon musicians accompanied us with their instruments: synthesizer, piano, violin, recorder, flute, guitar. It was painful to stand all day but what pride to have succeeded this adventure! As a reward for our efforts we CDs.

Written on the board by Eloise sentences made by the class, typed by Dominique on 19/05/11 Image: collective writing of this text by the cycle 3 of the class of Ecole Les Olivettes blog Verfeuil
By Jean-Luc Verilhac on 22/05/11 – 4:34 p.m.

In Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire Meeting Minutes teaching techniques> Classroom Organization> Life Class Chez Manu, Saint Paul Cornillon April 23, 2011 … a pretty kindergarten class in a little practice school (old building) above a beautiful bend of the Loire … But a class that closes … the banners spoil a little view …

Present: Manue, Sandrine, Laurine, Cecilia, Michael Andrew, Nicolas, Jeremy, Jean-Luc What’s new: – Sandrine went to a meeting of the group of the AFL Rhone Patricia and they worked on the expert-readings and the reading lesson, including “Black Chick” (Rascal). She came back delighted! This group seeks to expand …

The next meeting will be held May 21 on the learning of the software Ideographix reading. – Bringing Jean-Claude Mourlevat: we think it would be that Patricia Nikol and we organize this meeting … – We congratulate our President to have disseminated the information our meeting in all schools in the Loire clearly and friendly. Well, nobody came, but it was still … He even launched an information to inspectors, boldly offering to count some of our meetings in educational activities!

Michael talks about his co-hosting experience as president of the OCCE. We also briefly present what the OCCE, including financial problems in schools. – Jean-Luc speaks of the latest issue of the New Educator, but forgot his briefcase … which prevents this is undoubtedly a very interesting number! (Http:// – Dede (which is not there …) made us a message about a film that will pass on April 26 Arte about the risks of nuclear … – Fortunately, Cecilia thought of its satchel where she released heaps of numbers Site Kindergarten she brought the Trojan stage … it will bring them to the turn the meetings.

It will relay the kindergarten yard ICEM activities and exchanges of mailing list on our departmental list, even if she thinks she will not succeed. It’s okay, we trusted him, but reinscrira the fourth time to start training to ensure a little … – Laurine went to SNUIPP maternal internship without being replaced … It seems that kindergarten is in danger … No?

Yes ! There are even those who have questions about the role of the inspector in charge of the kindergarten … A worker came to speak the language. Laurine we will make a report. The class Manu: PS / MS 28 students, part-time, with two different ATSEM, so four different adults per week, some long-established, others not trained … There is little time exchange with the colleague who is the other part of the half, with very different practices.

Many practical problems: no shelves, not enough bunks for all students early in the year … Manu arrived in this class after ten years of wandering in different schools with lots of desires. But it is new to the school, she is part-time … which makes things difficult. Gears is a quick debate on the fact that part-time work prevents or not the implementation of projects …

It shows that the work environment is most important to work calmly, whose halftime is only one element. Material conditions, school team … also count. Nevertheless, it is quite simply the establishment of an individual life and collective life notebook binder class (its “log”), even if she would spend more time with the children to language.

She also speaks of his workshops, and means that it put in place for the autonomy of children (tracking sheet, record model …). It quickly discusses the possible level of autonomy of young children, and drifts that there may be children when left to work alone. But the diversion of certain instructions may also be interesting. Manu told us prefer the workshops of the afternoon when there is no registration, complex hardware to manage, more … She can devote to children, talk to them …

It happens more things in the classroom. And the smallest number of children is not the only reason for the best atmosphere! Authority: Michael talks about his work on authority.

When he was PEMF Gaspard Monge, he worked in a research group on the authority (body, speech, image of authority) with teachers, academics … The assumption was the teacher’s image, his posture and his words contribute to its authority, and therefore to the success of what he has planned for its class. Trainers are on the film, filmed and colleagues analyzed the different postures, have put in connection with the writings.

They have cleared invariants: – code: it is not enough to say or i cant do my homework
behave in a certain way so that the authority is established, it must be codified with the students, talking with them . The “we” in the dialogue is globalizing, less emotional, less personal. The positive stimulus is also a good way to maintain the authority more effective than negative criticism.

There must also be consistency between what is announced by the teacher and what is achieved. – the ritual: every moment with an “inside” and “outside”, how we enter and exit activity. It is important that students understand the rituals of the class and adhere to it. This establishes a form of contract between the student and the teacher. – the incarnation of authority by the master (figurative): whatever we do, where the teacher is, it works better!

The authority extends into the objects used by the teacher. Note J-Luc: What I learned from the intervention of Michael, and which goes directly to our Freinet practices: The need, at any age, to have understood ritual so tirelessly explained or discussed and / or appropriate to the Board brings all the good continuity between school and outside school: in the reception class, what’s new, the lectures and presentations, out, correspondence …

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